Protect Your Property With Remote Video Surveillance

Deter 97% Of Crime With Remote Video Monitoring Powered By AI

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21% of Construction Sites are Hit Once a Week

The Cost: Around $105,000 per year

Remote Sites Make it Easy to Steal Oil and Gas

The Cost: Around $133B per year

Auto Dealerships Suffer an Incident Every 37 Days

The Cost: Around $87,650 Per Year

Surveillance Cameras

Save Money

Intelisite delivers complete parking lot security at up to 87%* cheaper than utilizing security guards - without compromising quality, reliability or results.

Completely Autonomous

With Intelisite you don’t need to provide mounting poles for the surveillance cameras, and there’s no need for onsite power or internet connectivity. With solar powering and LTE connectivity, Intelisite is a completely self-sufficient surveillance system.

Live Video Via LTE

Intelisite cameras transmit live and recorded surveillance footage through 4G LTE technology, giving you the ability to remotely view live and with 30 days of storage on our cloud servers.

Fully Managed Service

Our system can be provided as part of a fully managed surveillance service, including equipment installation, alarm monitoring, US-based technical support, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance.

Missing your Deadlines

Missing your project deadlines can really affect your relationship with your client. Not only could you lose them as a repeat client you would also lose out on their business referrals.


Add the security system as part of your features and benefits when competing with other competitors.

customer service team

Our team is located here in the United States of America and is not outsourced to other countries.

Remote Video Monitoring
Your Virtual Security Guard

Deter thieves from targeting your lots.

Installing Intelisite’s security system is a powerful visual crime deterrent and help investigate any criminal activities or accidents.

Maintain 24/7 Surveillance Equipment Status Monitoring Dedicated Surveillance Team Smart Device Compatibility Remote Project Management IP Camera Hosting Security

Our team and security systems are setup for rapid deployment, solar-powered surveillance trailer specifically designed to mitigate, deter and report criminal activity in parking lots.


Instantly respond to events as they occur through audio alerts, live voice down functionality, and even the dispatching of guards or local law enforcement.

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