21% Of Construction Sites Experience Theft Once A Week.

Don't be another statistic!
Secure your job site with Intelisite.

Up To $1 Billion Is Lost Per Year

92% Are Affected Every Year

$29,000 Average Loss Per Theft

21% Experience Theft Once A Week

Secure Your Construction Sites.

Save Money

Reduce the risk of replacing stolen pieces of equipment and damages to your property. With a security system in place, you could also get better insurance rates.

Solar Units Available

No electricity? No problem, we can still protect your construction site. We have solar panels to address your job sites that are located in rural areas.

Audio and Visual Deterrents

Deter trespassers before crime happens, with loud audio and visual deterrents.

Remote Video Monitoring

Protect your assets from theft and vandalism when your site is most vulnerable. Videos are stored for 30 days on our server.

Missing your Deadlines

Missing your project deadlines can really affect your relationship with your client. Not only could you lose them as a repeat client you would also lose out on their business referrals.


Add the security system as part of your features and benefits when competing with other competitors.

customer service team

Our team is located here in the United States of America and is not outsourced to other countries.

95% Of Business Experience Some Type Of Theft

Deter thieves from targeting your construction sites.

Set up a security system that proactively deters criminals before they have a chance to steal or break anything.

Don't be another statistic.

Get in contact with us today and start protecting your assets and deter

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